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OEM Processing
The natural advantages of CONIBO OEM processing
Direct supply of base oil
CONIBO Petrochemical Co., LTD, which is subordinate to CONIBO, has been operating base oil for decades. It is the oil supplier in the east China that has the largest scale and the most widely channels.
If you choose CONIBO OEM, you don't have to worry about the supply and quality issue of base oil. CONIBO will supply high quality base oil for you at a price far below the market price.
First-class production equipment
The factory assembly has an automatic blending system of domestic leading level, which can complete the oil blending task rapidly, accurately, and with high quality. The daily oil blending quantity is more than 400 tons.
Oil blending workshop has 16 base oil tanks of 50t, 6 fully automatic reaction kettles of 20t, and 32 product oil storage tanks of 10t, 7 product oil storage tanks of 30t, to meet the user requirement specification of different product oil and prevent cross contamination.
A complete set of testing equipment
CONIBO has a specialized laboratory covering an area of 300 square meters, with domestic or imported advanced testing equipment, which can meet the requirement of quality control of raw materials and finished products, as well as the R&D of new product.
Advanced technology research and development tea
CONIBO hired returned overseas Chinese who used to work in the  federal laboratory in the United States as the lab manager at high cost,and acquired a collection of young talents who had worked in the labs of well-known industry brands, such as Sinopec, Petrochina, the Great Wall,  and Tong Yi, etc.
CONIBO laboratory now has 2 doctors, 6 masters, and 13 undergraduates, and has independent testing and research and development ability.
Convenient traffic environment
CONIBO production factory is 2 km away from highway intersection, 20 minutes’ drive from Yiwu airport, and 18 km from the high-speed rail station
Efficient logistics management
Located in the middle of Zhejiang, the most developed logistics area in China, and close to Yiwu international small commodity market. The perfect logistics system offers convenient and efficient transportation of goods, and frees you from the worry of logistics.
CONIBO's cooperation and supporting policies for OEM in 2014
Provide office environment
Provide modern standard office, hotel accommodation and catering environment in the industrial zone to facilitate office work.
Provide administrative assistance
Assist you to deal with relevant national and local administrative affairs, and enjoy preferential policies
All-the-way tracking service
The company adopts modern management system to carry out detailed management of raw materials and inventory. Timely report stock change to ensure production.
Assist to order raw material
Assist you to purchase cost-effective material at a price far below the market through the inherent channel advantages of our company.
Provide free storage
Provide more than 30000 square meters of storage warehouse for OEM brand.
Provide ultra low-cost transport
CONIBO self-built transportation team, including rail tanker truck, oil tank truck, railroad tankers, etc. to serve you at cost price.