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Industry news
Lube oil demand is rising year by year bright future
China's economic situation in the context of the Great Depression, the lubricating oil industry appears to be some downturn, but do not be the subject of this leaf, you can not see Tarzan. We are not
Interpretation of China 2030 low carbon commitments: cumulative emissions lower than in Europe and the United States
On the international climate negotiating table, whether it is "praise" or "accusation", "ambition" is the most commonly used vocabulary in various countries. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced the e
Again raised the consumption tax to 25%, the oil industry to accelerate structural adjustment
On December 12, 2014, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a circular to raise the consumption tax on refined products once more after the last tax increase in the p
Unified oil company shares pending sale
December 11 Dow Jones Newswires said Royal Dutch Shell is seeking to sell its stake in a Chinese joint-venture lubricant company that it holds for as much as $ 500 million in value. According to infor
CONIBO Additives: Optimistic about the global additive market
The United States CONIBO Energy Co., Ltd. recently released an internal circular, said the future of CONIBO lubricant additives will benefit from the global trend of the development of lubricants mark
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