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Conibo News
"Car element" city partner visit!
On November 18, 2017, Zhejiang CONIBO Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the signing ceremony of "Business Element" at the new Shangri-La Hotel in Wenzhou.
29th "Chinese Elderly Festival CONIBO condolences to the elderly
Chung Yeung age, now again Chongyang. On the eve of the 29th "Chinese Elderly Festival", on October 26, Jiang Jian, chairman of Zhejiang Kanglibo Petrochemical Co., Ltd., took the staff to Shilipu Vil
2017 CONIBO "New journey beyond the" annual event "
Colorful flags Shuzhu lantern blur; With the care of the warm sun in winter, December 28 afternoon, [CONIBO outstanding dealer annual meeting] grand opening in the company auditorium.
【Team Quality Expansion】 We are blind date with each other
In order to enhance employees' sense of belonging and identity, and to enhance employee satisfaction and awareness of teamwork, Zhejiang CONIBO Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held its Q3 staff quality de
Congratulations to CONIBO Taizhou Industrial Oil Agents for signing the contract
August 15, 2016, CONIBO China's production base ushered in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, the industrial oil agents Fang and his party field trips. Fang Zongzhong extremely concerned about the future de
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